Tips For A Safe Flight Travel Amidst COVID-19

  The way of traveling and flying has taken up a total shift during the Covid-19. Earlier, the only thing to worry about was our luggage or the timings. But now, these are the least of the worries of any traveler. The safety and the protocols have taken up the stage, and the virus rapidly spreads everywhere. Also, people need to adopt and follow these things if they want a smooth flight. Otherwise, they can end up with no flight or entry into the airport. Masks are now more essential than your clothes. You need to wearing it at all times to ensure your safety and to go around in public. This is pretty different from before when people reached the airport and hardly washed their hands before eating. If you are taking up a Flight soon, you need to ensure your safety. It can be simple things such as carrying the equipment and following the rules. However, you need to be extra safe in a high-traffic place like an airport. Every day, thousands of people would be going through it and touch